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On today’s episode, Garett Alcock joins Travis Ishida to talk about his perspective coming from the precision rifle competition side, experience in Colorado hunting, observations from RO’ing the Hornady hunter match, predictions on who is going to excel very well in the new series, and much more.

Garett Alcock is a relatively newer precision rifle competitor offering perspective into the new series, NRL Hunter. He shares how he is preparing for the upcoming 2021 Rim Rock Hunter Challenge in New Mexico and the gear he is planning on running.

NRL HUNTER, a division of National Rifle League (NRL), is a series of competitions for hunters by hunters. It brings a combination of ethical hunters and conservationists together in an innovative, competitive format for new and seasoned hunters to learn about their skills, gear, overall capabilities, and about local hunting terrains.

Learn more about Garrett’s background, hunting, his preparations for the 2021 Rim Rock Hunter Challenge and more, on the PRC Podcast!


03:17 – Garett Alcock’s Precision Rifle & Hunting Background
06:00 – Hunting Colorado
09:58 – Dream Harvest; Glassing and going for it
10:57 – 2021 Rim Rock Hunter Challenge prep & Gear
26:40 – Glassing and Target acquisition; Training correlated to time
31:37 – Stage time and Competitors’ process
33:35 – Blind Stages for Competitors; Variety of Skill levels and Personalities
41:55 – Advice to Hunters; Tip to Get Good at Ranging
47:47 – Precision Rifle & Hunting Crossover; Predictions on who will shine
59:20 – Factory, Open Light, Open Heavy
01:04:47 – Loaner Rifle Program within NRL Hunter
01:10:42 – Join in the Fun and Gain Experience; Closing

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2 February 2021

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