NRL HUNTER ONE is a series of one-day matches designed to embrace every hunter looking to further develop their skills as a rifleman. Based on modified NRL Hunter rules, the NRL HUNTER ONE has its own set of rules to encourage more to participate.

Is there a membership needed to compete in NRL HUNTER ONE? No you do not have to have a membership to come out and compete, but if you want your scores to be tracked and the possibility of being invited to the Grand Slam you must become a member. The NRL HUNTER membership covers both NRL HUNTER and NRL HUNTER ONE!

Can I use my hunting rifle? YES, we encourage you to use your hunting rifle!

Are there divisions or classifications? NO, for NRL HUNTER ONE there are no divisions or classifications. 

Is there a caliber restriction? YES, you may not use a bullet that is greater than 30 cal or traveling faster than 3275 fps. Other than that you may use what you like. There is no Powerfactor minimum in NRL HUNTER ONE. You’d like to bring your .223 or 6 Dasher, etc, feel free! If you qualify for the Grand Slam Championship through NRL HUNTER ONE, and do not have a rifle that meets the standard NRL Hunter (2-day matches) rules, you may request a rifle to use with the loaner rifle program.

Are there gear restrictions? NO, we suggest that you utilize the gear that you would use when you go out hunting. All gear must be stowed and carried throughout the entirety of the match. Within the nature of hunting and for points to count, rifle weight is 16 lbs or less.

Is there an age limit to participate? YES, please check with your local match to determine what their rules are on minors participating at their event. All participants must be able to safely handle a rifle on their own.

How does scoring work? Scoring is the same as NRL HUNTER; it is a 2-1 neutral system, so if you make a first round impact you get 2 points, if you miss you may re-engage that target for 1 point, if you miss again you must move on to the next target or position. 

Scoring for the season is percentage based off the top finisher and is accumulative for the season, meaning if you shoot 5 matches and you score 75 NRL HUNTER ONE points at each match your total season points will be 375. 

The more matches you attend, the more points you will receive, resulting in a better chance of being invited to the Grand Slam!