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On today’s episode, Josh Reeves joins Travis Ishida to talk about all things hunting, the 2022 Ghost Hunter hunter-style match, what hunters can expect, and much more!

Based out of Phoenix, AZ, Josh Reeves has been a part of shooting sports for a while, has a military background, and all-around great guy who is hosting the upcoming hunter-style match, 2022 Ghost Hunter, with co-Director Marc Bean. This event will be hosted in Paulden, AZ the weekend of January 14-16, 2022.

NRL HUNTER, a division of National Rifle League (NRL), is a series of competitions for hunters by hunters. It brings a combination of ethical hunters and conservationists together in an innovative, competitive format for new and seasoned hunters to learn about their skills, gear, overall capabilities, and about local hunting terrains.

Learn more about NRL Hunter, the 2022 Ghost Hunter, what to expect from it, the complimentary field medical class, a nice archery challenge prior to the match, and more on the NRL Hunter Podcast!

01:05 – Josh Reeves; Background; Precision Rifle Journey
02:48 – 2022 Ghost Hunter hunter-style match at Gunsite Academy
• Facility
• Stages
• Southwest Experience
• Archery Hunting during same time
08:27 – Hunting in AZ; Archery Tag in January
09:26 – Complimentary Field Medical Class for all hunters, before the match
• In Partnership with Independence Training
• Available Medical Kits
14:05 – What Hunters can expect from the Match itself
18:24 – Team Component to the Hunter-style matches
21:15 – Josh’s go-to hunter matches
23:00 – Future of NRL Hunter style events; New Experiences
27:57 – Epic 2022 Ghost Hunter; Opportunities in-the-works
30:48 – Prize for Archery Deer Hunt harvested within week prior to 2022 Ghost Hunter

Links –
2022 Ghost Hunter – https://nrlhunter.org/matches-2022/22-01/
Archery, Over-the-counter Deer Hunt in AZ – https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/nonpermitotctags/
Independence Training – https://www.independencetraining.com/
Lightweight Hunter’s Med Kit – https://nrlhunter.org/product/lightweight-hunters-med-kit/
Basecamp Hunter’s Med Kit – https://nrlhunter.org/product/basecamp-hunters-med-kit/

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Release date:
22 December 2021

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