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On today’s episode, Marc Bean joins host Travis Ishida to talk about a recent Elk hunt in Arizona, and much more!

Marc Bean is a newer hunter, who worked hard to pre-plan, scout, and fill his 2022 DIY cow elk tag. As part of the 2023 NRL Hunter season, he is co-hosting the popular Ghost Hunter match with Josh Reeves the weekend of January 13-15, 2023.

NRL HUNTER Presented by SIG SAUER, is a series of competitions for hunters by hunters. It brings ethical hunters together in an innovative, competitive format for new and seasoned hunters to learn about their skills, gear, overall capabilities, and about local hunting terrains.

Learn more about the DIY Elk Hunt experience, and more, on the NRL Hunter Podcast!

00:54 – Marc Bean Background
01:21 – Perspective from Marc; No Tag Soup
04:21 – Opening Morning; Questionable Glassing area; Symphony of Elk Bugling
06:28 – Elk sighting, Game Plan, Closing the Distance
11:47 – Building a Position
14:26 – The Shot; Marc’s Moment and Mindset
16:38 – Getting to and locating the Elk
21:14 – Going to Work; Field dressing
24:54 – How to Pack Out
26:35 – Rolling back into Camp; Enjoying the Harvested Dinner
28:13 – The Morning After; Elk Processing
28:55 – First Hunt Experience Recap; Contributing and Learning from Each Other
33:16 – Those who made it possible
35:54 – The Provider; Elk Recipes
44:35 – Southwest Wildlife Fine Taxidermy
47:18 – Experience to bring to next hunt

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• Limited Edition Knife | NRL Hunter Collection –
• SIG Sauer 10K –
• Southwest Wildlife Fine Taxidermy –

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4 November 2022

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