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2023 GHOST HUNTER Presented by Axis Works

MD: Josh Reeves, Marc Bean

Location: Paulden, Arizona

Dates: January 13-15, 2023

Cost: $175-$550

Range Location: 2900 W Gunsite Rd, Paulden, AZ 86334

Welcome to the 2023 NRL Hunter Season. This match is located at historic Gunsite in Paulden Arizona. Gunsite is a 3200-acre facility with onsite pro shop, gunsmith, and camping area. As this is a major training facility EYEPRO will be required at all times on the range side. Failure to comply will lead to dismissal from the match. Gates will be locked each morning so bring what you need for the day as Gunsite has multiple training programs going on during the same timeline.

This match will provide realistic hunting scenarios from natural terrain in Arizona high desert environment. Target distances ranging from 120-900 yards, but bring dope out to 1400 for possible side stages. Every stage will have one clearly marked target indicator. Majority of targets will be 2 MOA and a few to test the ability of equipment and yourself. The Special Operations Warrior Foundation Wolf hunt will be back this season.

Hunters will be shuttled into the hunting area, so plan accordingly, as access to vehicles will not be available during the match. Contingency for poor weather conditions is to hike into the hunting area which would be approximately 1 mile. Water and snacks will be located throughout the area. Plan on completing 18 stages total, with 12 the first day and 6 the second. Total round count to be approximately 144 rounds plus more for site in and side stages. 100 yd Zero range will be available on Friday. No extended distances available, so proof your dope before you come.

There will be a random drawing for an item from each of the 18 stage sponsors in addition to the prize table, so 18 total random drawn prizes. Everyone will have a chance to win something cool.

Complimentary Young Gun Slot available per a paid adult match fee. Please email brittney@nrlhunter.org with Subject Line: “2023 Ghost Hunter – 1 Young Gun Slot”, and in the description please provide the following: 1. the Order # of the paid adult slot, 2. Name of the Parent/Guardian responsible for the Young Gun, 3. the Name of the Young Gun.

Vendor booths and side stages will be available to the competitors on Friday during check in and they again on Sunday during awards.

Independence Training is back and will be hosting another training Course free of charge to the competitors on Friday after registration that I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!! ( hint hint foot stomp cough cough) ….

Range Officers (ROs)

Dedicated ROs are a key component of quality events. Your Match Directors are currently seeking experienced ROs and as an appreciation for them volunteering their time over the 2-day event, ROs will be offered a complimentary Match Slot to compete in the same course, the day before. RO scores will be included in final rankings for points amongst the other hunters.


To help us reward and better secure quality ROs during the 2-day event, vetted individuals will be offered the opportunity to complete all stages in 1-day timeframe (on the RO Shoot Day), for points amongst the other hunters and for prize eligibility. The opportunity at this is set to take place on the competitor Check-in Day.

IF you’re interested in ROing this event, please submit to the following RO Application: https://bit.ly/Ghost-Hunter_2023ROApp. Anyone may apply, however, space is limited and not guaranteed. Those who volunteer to RO but are not selected will have the option to purchase a slot.

Onsite RV/Tent Reservations may be done HERE.

Match Fees

Skill Division (formerly Basic) – $175 (Individual)

Individual Competitor – $275

Team Competitors (2) – $550

No refunds will be available, but if you need to sell your slot just keep us in the loop and we can adjust as needed.


TARGET ACQUISITION (identity type / amongst terrain)
PHYSICAL (walking/hiking/distance)
OVERALL CHALLENGE (difficulty level)


Prepare for everything from 20 degrees with snow to 75 and sunny.


Multiple restaurants and breweries in Paulden and Prescott



Limited camping available on site. Please contact use the RV or Tent Reservation Site, HERE.

Rifle Supplies

Multiple sporting goods stores in Prescott with local gunsmiths within 30 minutes of the range.

*All information provided as a service, we strongly advise that all potential competitors do their own travel planning and research to find what works best for them individually!