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MDs: Tyler Beckley

Location: Cranbrook BC, CANADA

Dates: May 10-12, 2024

Cost: $180 Skills, $280 Individual, $500 for teams

Range Location: Three Bars Guest Ranch 9500 Wycliffe Perry Creek Rd. Cranbrook British Columbia, Canada

The 2024 MDT Rocky Mountain Challenge will be held at Three Bars Guest Ranch in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Located 2 hours south of Banff National Park. This world class resort offers a shooting venue like no other. 1400 acres or mountain, rivers, streams and open fields. Competitors will encounter realistic hunting scenarios. The course will be spread over 3 miles. Competitors need to be prepared to walk the course with some steep hills. All cars will stay in parking lot during the match.  Days are long and typically in the mid 80’s.

No refunds will be available but if you need to sell your slot just keep us in the loop and we can adjust as needed.


Young Guns 1/2 price with adult fee


Black Bear Hunts are available the week following the match. Early May is prime Black Bear Hunting season. The Kootenay Valley has one of the highest Black Bear densities anywhere in the world. These hunts are all spot and stock in the high mountains hunting slide. Giving great opportunity for long shots. 7 day fully guided hunts are $5000 US for 1:1 or $4000 US for 2:1. Contact MD for more details.


To help us reward and better secure quality ROs during the 2-day event, vetted individuals will be offered a complimentary match slot for the opportunity to complete all stages in 1-day timeframe (on the RO Shoot Day), for points amongst the other hunters and for prize eligibility. The opportunity at this is set to take place on the competitor Check-in Day.

*IF you’re interested in ROing this event, please submit to the following RO Application: HERE. Anyone may apply, however, space is limited and not guaranteed. Those who volunteer to RO but are not selected will have the option to purchase a slot.


If you’d like to tag us on social media, we welcome you to use the hashtags #CanadianNRL, #MDTCanadianNRL #NRLHunter #EveryEthicalEdge.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mdtcanadianNRL/

IMPORTING FIREARMS INTO CANADA – https://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/wam/media/2347/original/d369a605ac3363b569af5ea5dc40c88d.pdf

NOTE: These forms should be filled out in triplicate and must not be signed until you reach Canadian customs. 

The MD will reach out to anyone needing assistance once they are registered for the event. 

We’re looking forward to hosting you and helping you gain every ethical edge

Match Fees

Skill Division (formerly Basic) – $180 (Individual)

Individual Hunter – $280

Team Hunters (2) – $500

There are no refunds. Transfers will be accepted upon MD approval and via email. The slot owner must email brittney@nrlhunter.org the new hunter’s name and email address, and wait for approval.


FRIDAY, MAY 10th  

  • 6:30AM – RO competitor safety briefing

  • 7:00AM – ROs shoot for points amongst all hunters and are eligible for prizes (all stages)

  • Lunch Provided for ROs who are shooting

  • 4PM – Weigh-in/Velocity at Check-in Table immediately after completion


  • 1:00PM – 5:00PM – Hunter Check-in/Weigh-in/Velocity/Zero.
  • 1:00PM – 5:00PM Zero rifle, targets at distance
  • 1:00PM – 5:00PM Vendor Day
  • 3:00PM – First shoot walkthrough. Stage layout will be explained for new shooters


  • 6:30AM – Hunter Safety Briefing
  • 7:00AM – Hunters to Stages
  • 7:30AM – Intended time to begin hunting steel (12 Stages)
  • Lunch Provided
  • 3PM – Intended time of Day 1 completion (this will vary)
  • 5PM – Community Gathering TBA

SUNDAY, MAY 12th  

  • 6:45AM – Hunters on stages
  • 7:00AM – Intended time to begin hunting steel (6 – 8 Stages)
  • Snacks and water provided (encouraged to bring your own snacks as well)
  • 1:00PM – Intended time of Day 2 completion (this will vary)
  • Awards  begin immediately after match completion. Meal provided.
  • Awards location: Three Bars Main Lodge



TARGET ACQUISITION (identity type / amongst terrain)
PHYSICAL (walking/hiking/distance)
OVERALL CHALLENGE (difficulty level)



Heidiout Cranbrook

Fire Haul Cranbrook

Perry’s Pizza Cranbrook

Pedal and Tap Kimberley



Cranbrook Airport 10min
Spokane WA Airport 3.5 hour drive

Kalispell MT Airport 2.5 hours drive

Calgary AB Airport 5 hours drive



Three Bars Ranch will have limited rooms available contact match director for availability and rates.

St Eugene Resort 15min

Best Western Cranbrook 20 min

Elizabeth Lake Lodge Cranbrook 20 min

Contact MD for discount codes

Both Cranbrook and Kimberly have lots of accommodation options.

No camping available on site.

St Eugene Resort offers full service, 15 min drive

Rifle Supplies

Mountain man sporting goods Cranbrook

Canadian Tire

*All information provided as a service, we strongly advise that all potential competitors do their own travel planning and research to find what works best for them individually!