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2023 Hoosier Harvester

MDs: Nathan Cloud and Andy Mugrage

Location: Cory, Indiana

Dates: July 14-16, 2023

Cost: $100-$275 per individual. $550 for Teams

Dates: July 14-16, 2023

Range Location: 3589 N County Road 500 W, Cory, IN 47894 @ Honey Creek Hunt Club

COORDINATES: 39.4348581, -87.2359041 (we recommend copying these coordinates into your GPS, as the above address could take you to a different location depending on what app you use)

We’re excited to welcome you to the 2023 Hoosier Harvester put on by Nathan Cloud of Cloud Precision LLC and Andy Mugrage of Rivercity Rifle LLC. This hunter event will be held on a 1000 acre reclaimed coal mine with unique land features for central Indiana.

This hunting simulated event will consist of 16-18 stages that will test the hunters’ skills in finding, ranging, and engaging targets of various sizes and distances. Round count will be 64-144 rounds, depending on your skill level completing each stage with either 1st round impacts, vs misses/2nd round impacts, but bring extra for getting velocity/PF for your tiebreaker, and zero’ing your rifle. The average target distance will 650 yards, but expect anywhere from approximately 250 – 1,000 yards. A tripod is encouraged as it is a valuable tool for any hunter. There will be some land to cover so be sure to bring a bag to carry gear and snacks. It is expected to be hot in July, so please be prepared.

The Applied Ballistics lab will be on site for hunters to use in order to gather a custom drag model for their specific rifle system and ammo combination.

Plus, hunters may enjoy taking part in a corn hole tournament and enter into a bourbon raffle, hosted by the landowners! $50 tickets for the bourbon raffle are available on-site, and includes some rare bottles of high value!

Range Officers

We are still seeking a few more good RO’s for the match. If you’d like the opportunity to compete and RO the match, please contact your match director for details.

ROs WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR POINTS & PRIZES AT THIS EVENT. To help us reward quality ROs during the 2-day event, vetted individuals will be offered a complimentary slot for an opportunity to complete all stages in 1-day timeframe (on the RO Shoot Day). This will be for points amongst the other hunters and for prize eligibility. The opportunity at this is set to take place on the competitor Check-in Day.

If you are interested in RO’ing please reach out to Nathan Cloud via Cloudprecisionllc@aol.com.

There will be camping available for all and a few cabins for RO’s


When sharing images of your pre- or post-event experience, please utilize hashtags #HoosierHarvester  #NRLHunter #EveryEthicalEdge

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Match Fees

Match fee option 1 (SKILLS) will be $100. This option provides you entry to shoot the match but doesn’t allow you to be eligible for points or the prize table. We would like you to attend the awards ceremony at the end of day 2 to gain friendships and tell stories that will last a lifetime.

Match fee option 2. The prize table entry will be an additional $175 (a total of $275 to shoot and be eligible for points and a prize table walk). 

Team fee option. $550 for a team

*There are no refunds, however, transfers will be accepted upon communication with your MD.




  • 7:00AM – RO’s Briefed
  • 7:30AM – ~6:00PM – RO shoot entire COF (for points & prizes amongst all hunters)


  • 1:00PM – 6:00PM: Hunter Check-in/Weigh-in/Velocity/Zero Range


  • 7:00AM – Hunter Safety Briefing
  • 7:30AM – Intended time to head to the ranges
  • 8:15AM – Day 1 Begins
  • 3:00PM – Intended Conclusion of Day 1 hunting


  • 7:00AM – Hunter Briefing
  • 7:30AM – Intended time to head to the ranges
  • Bring your own Snacks (pack out what you pack in)
  • 8:15AM – Day 2 Begins
  • 1:30PM – Intended Conclusion of Day 2 hunting
  • 2:00PM – Awards and Prizes on-site
TARGET ACQUISITION (identity type / amongst terrain)
PHYSICAL (walking/hiking/distance)
OVERALL CHALLENGE (difficulty level)



Terra Haute, IN



Terra Haute, IN is nearest location for hotels.



Rifle Supplies

*All information provided as a service, we strongly advise that all potential competitors do their own travel planning and research to find what works best for them individually!