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Match Date: Saturday, February 25, 2023

MD: Joey McConnell

Range Location: Eagle Eye Shooting Complex – 30 Elk Ridge Road, Mt Pleasant, TN 38483

Come out and join us at Eagle Eye Precision’s SIG NRL Hunter Games 1-day event!

This hunting simulated event will consist of 8 stages of hunting scenarios that might find themselves in while hunting in the southeast. Round count will be 32-64 rounds, depending on your skill level completing each stage with either 1st round impacts, vs misses/2nd round impacts, but bring extra for zero’ing your rifle. The average target distance will 300 yards, but expect anywhere from approximately 100-700 yards. This is Tennessee, so be ready for any weather, from 35-65 degrees, from wet & windy to dry & calm, or anything in between. Hunters may drive between stages, or hike. If you choose to hike, wear comfortable, waterproof shoes/boots. Water and snacks will be provided. All scores will be submitted to NRL Hunter. 

There are no refunds; if you can not make the after you have registered, you may transfer your spot to another person wanting to attend upon communication with your Match Director.

Hunting Experience Itinerary

Saturday, February 25

0700 – Check-in/Weigh-in

0700 – Zero Range Open, After Check-in/Weigh-in

0740 – Mandatory Range Orientation Brief

0800 – Hunting Match Experience Begins

Range Officers

ROs WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR POINTS AT THIS EVENT. In the process of rewarding and securing quality ROs during event, they have been offered the opportunity to complete all stages on the RO Shoot Day, for points amongst the other hunters. Their opportunity at this is set to take place on Friday, so they may be a dedicated RO on Saturday for the hunters. If you are interested in being an RO or have further questions, please email Joey at joeyshotit@gmail.com. RO space is limited and not guaranteed.


If you’d like to tag us on social media, we welcome you to use the hashtags  #SIGNRLHunterGames #EveryEthicalEdge.

SIG NRL Hunter Games

We welcome you to review the SIG NRL Hunter Games FAQs.

There are no divisions or classes. 

All rifles used to compete in the SIG NRL HUNTER GAMES series shall weigh in at 16lbs or less with all dedicated support equipment attached. Rifle consists of barrel, muzzle devices, trigger, action, stock/chassis, scope, and bipod (if used). A sling is no longer included in the weight, since it is used for safely carrying a rifle, and we want to encourage safe moving between stages.

At the start of the stage, the rifle should not have a magazine loaded (this is a safety consideration to prevent loaded firearms outside the shooting area).

There is no minimum power factor requirement, as seen in the two-day NRL Hunter Series. 

There are no minimum caliber requirements, however calibers may not exceed a 30 cal and must have a Muzzle Velocity maximum of 3275 fps.

All gear must be deployed on the clock. Bipods folded, Tripods must be stowed in/on your backpack or slung over shoulder. Only the rifle and a spotting/ranging device may be carried in-hand at the approach of a stage. 

Stage scoring will be 2-1 dead target scoring. 1st round hit is worth 2 points, 2nd round hit is worth 1 point. Maximum points per stage is 8 points (4 first round impacts)

Once the target is hit, the target is neutralized. 

For example: A hunter hits the first target with their 1st shot, they will get 2 points, and move on to the next target or position. The hunter misses the 1st shot but connects with the 2nd attempt, they get 1 point and will move on to the next target. If the hunter misses both the 1st and 2nd shot, they will move to the next target with no points.

We’re looking forward to hosting you and helping you gain every ethical edge!

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