Basecamp Hunter’s Med Kit

///Basecamp Hunter’s Med Kit

Basecamp Hunter’s Med Kit


Designed by the staff at Independence Training the Basecamp Hunters Med Kit contains two bags with the quality essentials needed to treat a more serious injury when out on a hunting trip, hike, or any other outdoor adventure. Weighing in at just under 3 pound this robust kit offers the following components all wrapped up in two custom red waterproof cases  with reflective tabs for easy visibility in any lighting conditions. 


All contents are vacuum sealed in two separate bags, except for splint. Lightweight Hunter’s kit goes inside, additional reflective tabs on outside, weighs in just under 3lbs loaded.




Fehu Outdoors, Bag 1:

6″ Emergency Bandage

Compressed Gauze

2x Triangular Bandage

2x Emergency Blanket

Bear Claw Gloves, L

Rolled Utility Tape

Casualty Card


Fehu Outdoors, Bag 2:

Warrior Ice Cold Pack

Warrior Heat Hot Pack

2x 4×4 Gauze

Large Tegaderm Seal

Small Tegaderm Seal

2x White Chem lights

Boo Boo Kit with common meds


Cost $249.99


IF you are attending the 2022 Ghost Hunter match, please use the code NRLHGHOSTHUNTER to remove the shipping cost, as you’ll be able to pick it up in-person.

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