2023 SOONER STATE SAFARI – Individual Competitors

//2023 SOONER STATE SAFARI – Individual Competitors

2023 SOONER STATE SAFARI – Individual Competitors


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MD: Jim See

DATE: March 10-12, 2023

LOCATION: Wetumka, Oklahoma

Welcome to the 2023 Sooner State Safari!

Peeping into a bygone world, “Sooners” is the name given to the settlers racing to claim unassigned land in what we call Oklahoma today. Imagine preparing yourself for a race to the wild interior of that land where you will claim your new homestead. From the firing shot, the odds are against you; a run with other settlers, and a wildland needing to be tamed, await you.

Oklahoma is abundant with game. Elk, Bison, and Antelope wander the open plains, while deer, coyotes, and turkey inhabit the river bottoms. The bounty is endless, yet the great outdoor adventure awaits at every corner in the frontier. You must tame this wild land, hunt, build shelter, and survive.

Now, imagine you are being transported back there in time with your current gear and the advantage to succeed where others have failed. Are you up for the challenge?

These hunting simulated stages will be themed based on the Western Frontier. It will consist of 16-18 stages, so prepare accordingly. Round count will be ~72-144 rounds, depending on your skill level completing each stage with either 1st round impacts, vs misses/2nd round impacts, but bring extra for getting velocity/PF for your tiebreaker, and zero’ing your rifle. The average target distance will 350 yards, but expect anywhere from approximately 150-800 yards.

Expect to be fed lunch both days via an onsite chuck wagon. A primitive camping area will be available, with an evening community fire pit. Port-a-Potties will be on-site. Be prepared to change plans if weather forecast looks severe.



There are no refunds, Transfers will be accepted via email only. The slot owner must email the MD with the new shooter’s name and email address, no later than 14 days prior to the match, no transfers will be accepted after the 14-day window.


If you’d like to tag us on social media, we welcome you to use the hashtags #SoonerStateSafari #NRLHunter #EveryEthicalEdge.

We’re looking forward to hosting you and helping you gain every ethical edge!



FACTORY – any factory configuration with no modifications from SKU, weighing 12 lbs. or less (with scope, bipod, and all dedicated support equipment), chambered in 6mm/.243 or greater, with a cartridge overall length of 2.700″ or greater (per SAAMI-ANSI Max cartridge length standards), with a maximum muzzle velocity of 3275, and be from the pre-approved Factory manufacturers list

OPEN LIGHT – any configuration weighing 12 lbs. or less (with scope, bipod, and all dedicated support equipment), velocity max of 3275 fps, with minimum PF of 380,000

OPEN HEAVY – any configuration weighing 16 lbs. or less (with scope, bipod, and all dedicated support equipment), velocity max of 3275 fps, with minimum PF of 380,000

SKILLS – is for anyone that wishes to compete at a NRL HUNTER match purely for the experience. There will be a discounted match entrance fee. Skills Division hunters may use any rifle weight or caliber that they choose that does not exceed .30 caliber or 3275fps. Skills Division hunters do not need to meet the minimum Power Factor (PF) requirements. Skills Division hunters may be coached on the clock after they have had the opportunity to try the stage on their own. Skills Division hunters will not be competing for points nor the opportunity for awards, nor prizes.