2023 SNAKE RIVER OUTDOORSMAN – Individual Competitors

//2023 SNAKE RIVER OUTDOORSMAN – Individual Competitors

2023 SNAKE RIVER OUTDOORSMAN – Individual Competitors


Purchase this product if you’d like to compete as an Individual in any of the existing divisions. If you’d like to compete with another competitor as a Team, instead purchase this product:


MDs: Seth Howard and Brian Neace

DATE: April 21-23, 2023

Range Location: Mountain Home, ID

This match is an opportunity to work on hunting situation shots. Target engagements will be between 100 and 1000 yards. This match is set up to mimic pressure situations of a Hunt. The terrain is a rocky desert hillside, overlooking the Snake River Plain. The Range is 30 minutes outside Mountain Home, and 30 minutes from the Boise Airport.

April 22nd and 23rd are the match days, with a varied and exciting course of fire. We have a cof setup with 300 degrees of fire around a central Camp location. All stages will be blind engagements, with a 2/1/dead scoring system. 

Match Title Sponsor: Nightforce

Associate Sponsors:

SIG SAUER, Kinport Peak rifles, Defiance Machine, XLR, Hornady, Anarchy Outdoors, HS Precision, Hodgdon, Eberlestock, MDT, Leupold, Henderson Precision, Masterpeice Arms, JK armament, Alpha Brass, and many more.

COMPLIMENTARY YOUNG GUN SLOT available per a paid adult match fee. Please email brittney@nrlhunter.org with Subject Line: “2023 Snake River Outdoorsman – 1 Young Gun Slot”, and in the description please provide the following: 1. the Order # of the paid adult slot, 2. Name of the Parent/Guardian responsible for the Young Gun, 3. the Name of the Young Gun, 4. the intended Rifle Division (Factory, Open Light, Open Heavy) for the Young Gun.


There are no refunds, however, transfers will be accepted upon communication with your MD.


If you’d like to tag us on social media, we welcome you to use the hashtags #SnakeRiverOutdoorsman #NRLHunter #EveryEthicalEdge.

We’re looking forward to hosting you and helping you gain every ethical edge!



FACTORY – any factory configuration with no modifications from SKU, weighing 12 lbs. or less (with scope, bipod, and all dedicated support equipment), chambered in 6mm/.243 or greater, with a cartridge overall length of 2.700″ or greater (per SAAMI-ANSI Max cartridge length standards), with a maximum muzzle velocity of 3275, and be from the pre-approved Factory manufacturers list

OPEN LIGHT – any configuration weighing 12 lbs. or less (with scope, bipod, and all dedicated support equipment), velocity max of 3275 fps, with minimum PF of 380,000

OPEN HEAVY – any configuration weighing 16 lbs. or less (with scope, bipod, and all dedicated support equipment), velocity max of 3275 fps, with minimum PF of 380,000

SKILLS – is for anyone that wishes to compete at a NRL HUNTER match purely for the experience. There will be a discounted match entrance fee. Skills Division hunters may use any rifle weight or caliber that they choose that does not exceed .30 caliber or 3275fps. Skills Division hunters do not need to meet the minimum Power Factor (PF) requirements. Skills Division hunters may be coached on the clock after they have had the opportunity to try the stage on their own. Skills Division hunters will not be competing for points nor the opportunity for awards, nor prizes.