2023 CO BURRIS EXTREME HUNTER – Team Competitors

//2023 CO BURRIS EXTREME HUNTER – Team Competitors

2023 CO BURRIS EXTREME HUNTER – Team Competitors


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MD: Dorgan Trostel

DATE: February 17-19, 2023

LOCATION: Lindon, Colorado

Welcome to the 2023 NRL Hunter Season. Hunting the rolling plains of eastern Colorado you would never expect to come across the most EXTREME animals to ever roam the earth. T-REX, STEGASAURUS, TRICERTOPS, BRACHEASAURUS, AND YETI’s are expected to be on the menu for the hunters who dare to encounter such EXTREME animals.

With an estimated 20 hunting simulated stages, the round count will be 80-160, depending on first round impacts vs second round impacts, but bring extra for getting velocity/PF for your tiebreaker, and zero’ing your rifle. The average target distance will 400 yards, but expect anywhere from approximately 200-900 yards. The hardest part will be dealing with the wind and getting accurate ranges typical of flatter terrain hunting scenarios. All shooting stations will be along a nice flat path. Targets will be wide, to be friendly with wind, but very short to penalize bad ranging. This match will be a fun match with lots of shooting; expect the majority of the stages to have 4-targets.

Friday there will be an experimental NRL HUNTER RIMFIRE EXPERIENCE, if you so wish to participate. The rimfire hunter match will be from 8am-12pm (before sight-in of the highpower hunting rifles) so, bring your rimfire and get some trigger time in. There will be 6 stages for $40 entry fee. All the proceeds will go to non-shooting RO’s.

As the property is under contract for CRP, please park in designated areas only.

We will carpool up the hill to the shooting area. If possible, one vehicle per stage would be ideal.

Weather can range from -20* up to 75* and windy to no wind. Please come prepared. Short of a whiteout snow, we will not cancel the match. If this happens, we may reschedule the dates.


If you’d like to tag us on social media, we welcome you to use the hashtags #BurrisExtremeHunter #NRLHunter #EveryEthicalEdge.

We’re looking forward to hosting you and helping you gain every ethical edge!


Team Division is for Teams consisting of 2 individuals. Scores will be the sum of both team member’s scores (possible 16 points per team per stage). Teams will be allotted a total of 6 minutes per stage, instead of the individual’s 4 minutes. If one team member is disqualified from competing the second team member may continue to compete, but not for score. Team member #1 must complete the stage or pass, and unload and show clear, before team member #2 may load and begin firing. Once team member #2 loads to begin the stage, team member #1 may not load again.

  1. Each member of the team must carry their own rifle. Support gear or ammunition may be divided among the team to best serve them. 
  2. Each team member may compete with a rifle meeting the requirements of Open Heavy Division (16lbs) or less.
  3. Listed matches shall allow a minimum of 10 teams to compete, however at the match director’s discretion they may allow additional teams to compete. The team division will have its own separate prize table and only the top team will be awarded a trophy. 
  4. Teams need to keep communication private while at a stage shooting area. Discussing ranges, locations or targets in obviously loud manner will scare away the game (stage will be ended and no more points awarded after a warning from the RO). This is to prevent hunters in the staging area from gaining a competitive advantage.
  5. Teams may use their rifle as an observation tool, however only one team member may have a loaded rifle at a time.

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