2022 GRAND SLAM CHAMPIONSHIP – Team Competitors

//2022 GRAND SLAM CHAMPIONSHIP – Team Competitors

2022 GRAND SLAM CHAMPIONSHIP – Team Competitors


MDS: Seth Howard, Brian Neace

Dates: August 19-21, 2022

Location: Hammett, Idaho

Match Fee: $600 Teams NO REFUNDS

This is the Grand Slam to the 2022 season for the NRL Hunter. This Grand Slam Championship is set up to mimic pressure situations of a Hunt. The terrain is a rocky desert hillside on the banks of the Snake River.

Target engagements will be between 100 and 1000 yards. It will include a minimum round count of 80 and maximum of 160, depending on 1st round impacts or 2nd round impacts, but more rounds are needed for chronograph, sight-in, etc.

This match will be run outside, and as such will have possible dangers to include: Heat, Falls, Snake bites, fires, etc. Please be aware and come prepared. There will be no fires allowed anywhere for this match. All cigarettes must be policed. We are excited to run the Grand Slam, and want to have an awesome match.

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