2022 Buffalo Bill’s Revenge – Individual Competitors

//2022 Buffalo Bill’s Revenge – Individual Competitors

2022 Buffalo Bill’s Revenge – Individual Competitors


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MD: Collin Fossen, Andrew Wells

DATE: April 29 – May 1, 2022

LOCATION: Laramie, Wyoming

It is our pleasure to welcome you all to the return of Buffalo Bill’s Revenge NRL Hunter match, presented by Gunwerks, a premier hunting equipment manufacturer based in Cody, WY. This event will be directed by Collin Fossen, a lifelong hunter and precision rifle competitor, and assisted by Andrew Wells. The Buffalo Bill’s Revenge will be held in the foothills just 10-miles outside Laramie, WY.

The prize table will be awarded to the top competitors in each division and then by random draw. Awards will be in the order of 1st Factory, 1st Light, 1st Heavy then 2nd Factory, 2nd Light, 2nd Heavy, then 3rd Factory, 3rd Light, 3rd Heavy, then Top Young gun, Top Lady, and Top RO. The remaining prizes will be awarded by random draw and shooters must be present to walk.

The match will be open to 140 competitors to test their mettle in the Wyoming springtime conditions and will mimic hunting scenarios for various big and small game found throughout the state. The range sits at 7400’ above sea level so be prepared to work on your cardio while walking along the 1.75mile hiking course throughout the day. With 20 stages to work through and a maximum round count of 160 rounds (bring an extra 50 rounds for sight-in and games), we will provide you with the equivalent of 15-20 years of hunting shooting experience in just one weekend. As many have found out, hunting in Wyoming can be a challenge but this event will be an excellent opportunity to learn about your gear and capabilities to provide you with the experience needed to make your next hunt a success.