NRL HUNTER and Competition Dynamics Announce the Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match

//NRL HUNTER and Competition Dynamics Announce the Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match






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NRL HUNTER and Competition Dynamics Announce the

Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match

NRL HUNTER and Competition Dynamics present the Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match

June 16th, 2022, Yorba Linda, CA – NRL HUNTER (NRLH), a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Competition Dynamics (CD) and Savage to introduce the Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match to be held at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex in Grand Junction, Colorado the weekend of March 23-26, 2023 (previously scheduled Sept 22-25, 2022).

The Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match is a unique collaboration between three of the leading companies in our industries. Utilizing the NRL HUNTER format and event experience with the expertise of running team matches and logistics with Competition Dynamics, we have partnered with Savage to introduce a unique team match format that will appeal to not only hunters, but other extreme precision rifle competitors alike.

“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with both Competition Dynamics and Savage to produce this unique event that will provide realistic hunting scenarios and the opportunity for competitors to test their outdoor skills, gear, mental fortitude, and marksmanship skills. This is the kind of match that I would love to compete in! Stated Travis Ishida President of the NRL”

“NRL Matches have always showcased a unique match format that appeals to a variety of hunters and shooters. We are thrilled to be partnering with NRL Hunter and Competition Dynamics to present the first-ever team competition.” Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing, Savage Arms. “We know this unique competition format, paired with a team setting is going to raise the level of competition among the teams. We can’t wait to help put on an unforgettable event for everyone.”

“It’s going to be great to work with Travis again.  We think the NRL Hunter competitors will enjoy the additional challenges of an event closer to a ‘hunting adventure’ than a normal match format,” said Zak Smith, founder and Principal Match Director for Competition Dynamics.  Jimmy Holdsworth, Director of Operations, continued, “[I’m] So proud of Travis and his drive to empower the sport, I am honored to be asked to team with such a great visionary and friend.”

The Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match will test several different skills sets of the competitors to include, land navigation, critical thinking / problem solving, bushcraft, and marksmanship. This four-day match will be setup to simulate a true backcountry experience where competitors will have to camp on site, finish challenges, and earn points based on their marksmanship. For more information on this match please visit:


Headquartered in Westfield, Massachusetts, Savage has been producing firearms for more than 125 years. Savage is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hunting, competition and target shooting centerfire and rimfire rifles, and shotguns. Their firearms are best known for accuracy, performance and innovation. The entrepreneurial spirit that originally defined the company is still evident in its ongoing focus on continuous innovation, craftsmanship, quality and service.

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Competition Dynamics (CD) was founded in 2010 by shooters who had spent the prior decade shooting and running multigun, long-range, and team matches that ranged from conventional to the most extreme “outlaw” formats.  In the subsequent 11 years its group of core staff has administered about 50 major events, including, most notably, the Steel Safari, Team Challenge, Team Safari, and Sniper Adventure Challenge.  Its purpose is to run world-class, cutting-edge competitive practical shooting events with an unmatched level of professionalism and operational excellence; to bring new practical and field competition concepts to reality. CD staff has a proven track record of running challenging, safe, and fair 3-Gun, multi-gun, and long-range matches with physicality ranging from easy up to “Adventure Race Grade.”

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NRL HUNTER, a division of National Rifle League (NRL), is a series of competitions for hunters by hunters. It brings a combination of ethical hunters and conservatists together in an innovative, competitive format for new and seasoned hunters to learn about their skills, gear, overall capabilities, and about local hunting terrains.

Hunting isn’t merely a hobby or pastime; it is our way of life. For us, it is about community, education, and a strong foundation of ethical harvesting. It is the desire to be the most proficient hunter possible, it is the passion that has driven NRL to develop the NRL HUNTER series of events.

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