2021 Heartland Harvester AAR w/ Chaz Macrander NRLH Podcast Season 1 | Ep. 6

//2021 Heartland Harvester AAR w/ Chaz Macrander NRLH Podcast Season 1 | Ep. 6

On today’s episode, Chaz Macrander joins Travis Ishida immediately after the completion of the 2021 Heartland Harvester match, the inaugural match of the NRL Hunter’s inaugural season of hunter-style matches, to give an AAR!

Tune in to their conversation as they share major takeaways; standard practices typically seen in a race-gun series VS this new hunter-style series; the first reactions to the course of fire; setting the tone for the season; favorite rifle class to watch and why; free train-up prior to the match, and more!

Chaz Macrander and Jake Jensen kicked off the NRL Hunter series with the 2021 Heartland Harvester presented by Nosler and Season Title Bushnell the weekend of February 19-21, 2021 in Nehawka, Nebraska.

NRL HUNTER presented by Bushnell, is a series of competitions for hunters, by hunters. It brings a combination of ethical hunters and conservationists together in an innovative, competitive format for new and seasoned hunters to learn about their skills, gear, overall capabilities, and about local hunting terrains.

Learn more about the Match Director’s strategic planning of the course of fire, witnessing competitors’ reactions, and more, on the NRL Hunter Podcast!

00:18 – Narrow Window in Weather
01:01 – Location and Range
02:01 – Favorite Takeaways; Stage Design, Problem Solving on the clock
03:48 – 4-Minute Timeframe; Start with all gear, to minimalist, figuring things out on their own
05:28 – Standard Practices in Race-Gun series VS this New Hunter-Style series
06:13 – Get to practice ranging then moving into stable position and re-locating target; Making that hunting shot
07:21 – Reactions to COF; Physical aspect relatable to true hunting
08:08 – 18 stages went by quick: No long stage brief as previously seen in Race-gun series; Competitors always on the clock leading to accomplishing stages faster
09:23 – The 1st Ever NRL Hunter; Setting the Tone for the Season
10:37 – Perspective from Match Director; Foreseeing any future changes
14:16 – Chaz Macrander and Jake Jensen effort in kicking off the series; Setting High Standards
16:11 – Favorite Rifle Class to watch; Open Heavy, Open Light, or Factory; pros and cons tradeoff
18:01 – NRL Hunter Loaner Rifle Program; in the spirit of what this series is meant to be
19:33 – Watching competitors experience things for the first time; Mentoring through their journey; meeting people
21:34 – Free Train-Up with Chaz and Isaiah Curtis
22:18 – When it all comes together; Worth Every Minute

Links –
NRL Hunter – nrlhunter.org
The Match “2021 Heartland Harvester” – nrlhunter.org/matches/21-01
Heartland Harvester Facebook – www.facebook.com/HeartlandHarvester
NRLH Loaner Rifle Program – nrlhunter.org/loaner-rifle-program
AAR by KJ Glodowski – www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/nrl-hunter-heartland-harvester-aar.7063309/
Video of this AAR – youtu.be/5GmThRP25zg

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Release date:
26 February 2021

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