2023 NRL Hunter One Sandhill Spot and Stalk

///2023 NRL Hunter One Sandhill Spot and Stalk

2023 NRL Hunter One Sandhill Spot and Stalk

MD: Clayton Smith

Location: Brownfield, Texas

Dates: September 17, 2022

Cost: $55

Dates: September 17, 2022

Range Address: Caprock Rifle Club, 2511 US Hwy 380, Brownfield, TX 79316

Round Count: 40-80

Caprock Rifle Club is proud to present the Sandhill Spot and Stalk! This will be a one day, hunting style match with targets from 100 to 900 yards, and is a great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming seasons while also tracking your scores against other shooters nationwide. 

Shooting positions will be realistic to scenarios you’d face while hunting. It is highly recommended that you have a good zero confirmed on your rifle and verified ballistic data for your rifle, just like you would if you were about to chase a 200″ mule deer! There will be some walking in this course, but no major elevation changes. Lunch will be provided on site. The range is 6 miles from Brownfield and 30 minutes from Lubbock, with good hotels and restaurants in both areas.

Schedule / Match Fees

Friday, September 16th

  • 12PM-5PM – Zero Range Open

Saturday, September 17th

  • 7:30AM-8:15AM – Check In/Weigh-In Timeframe
  • 8:15AM – Mandatory Range Orientation Brief
  • 8:30AM – Hunting Match Experience Starts




Rifle Supplies

*All information provided as a service, we strongly advise that all potential competitors do their own travel planning and research to find what works best for them individually!