2021 Rim Rock Hunter Challenge

//2021 Rim Rock Hunter Challenge

2021 Rim Rock Hunter Challenge

MD: Dusty Brixner
DATE: March 5-7
LOCATION: Farmington, New Mexico

I would like to welcome you all to the 2021 Rim Rock Hunter Challenge located 30 minutes east of Bloomfield, New Mexico. Hunters will be competing in a 100 percent field style competition with targets ranging from 150 yards to 1000 yards. Targets will be based on vital area size to distance.


This match is located in the state’s absolute best mule deer units and once you’re here you will see why we grow such monster deer. Also, the ranch is located 20 minutes away from the San Juan River some of the best fly fishing in the country.


We also will have outfitters ready for booking fly fishing float trips if you are interested in fishing before or after the match.


Camping is available, as a lot of people like to camp for our other match’s. We have an awesome time playing games, with free drinks and booze. For new shooters that aren’t sure where their entry fees are going, we have to pay for use the ranch but also we take care of you all weekend.


Friday is sight in day and we will have a zero range and you will be able check dope out to distance.  We will also we have vendors and side matches going all day Friday and they will be giving you guys some awesome swag.


Saturday and Sunday we provide food and drinks for you all day. Sunday after the match we will have an amazing New Mexican dinner and we do not go cheap on this, we like to take care of everyone. We look forward to seeing everyone here and knowing after the match we are all a little bit better at our craft.

For booking fish trip contact Dusty Brixner