Loaner Rifle Program

/Loaner Rifle Program

The NRL HUNTER Loaner Rifle Program is a unique program to help introduce different rifle platforms to those wanting to try something new. A “try before you buy” type of scenario so you can make the right investment into your own rifle.

The NRL HUNTER in partnership with many great companies have built a couple of NRL HUNTER Loaner Rifles for NRL HUNTER members to use during a match FREE of charge. In some cases the NRL HUNTER will even provide you with enough match grade ammo for FREE to use during your match.

Here are the details:

You must be a current NRL HUNTER member to qualify for this program.

All rifles are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Ammo may be provided to you free of charge (based on availability).

You only qualify for the NRL HUNTER Loaner Rifle program once.

You are 100% responsible for the rifle and accessories once the rifle is checked out to you.

You must have a valid ID and proof of legal right to own a firearm.